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A Snag In The Plans


I just got off the phone with the sis-in-law. She was released from the hospital today. We found out she had stage A-2 rejection. It goes up to A-4, so it wasn’t extremely bad. They gave her the treatments for it and bounced right back. While she was in the hospital she also met a girl who just had her transplant on Christmas Eve. Same thing as Sis. They both have Cystic Fibrosis, but she is doing great and has been through a lot of the same stuff as Sis, so they exchanged emails. I feel better knowing she has someone to talk to who’s actually been through it.

Sis also had surgery today. They had closed her sternum with wire after the transplant. Well it’s been so long that the wire was pushing through Sis’s skin. She couldn’t lay on her stomach, wear a bra, nadda. So they went in removed the wire and glued it back together. Granted they didn’t saw her whole sternum open for the surgery. They just clipped open the bottom part, so that’s why it wasn’t exactly a major surgery and she was able to get discharged this afternoon.

However, understandably so, Sis is exhausted. She’s been through a rough patch the last few days. They’re staying at the hotel tonight and she doesn’t know if she’s coming for this weekend of not because she’s so out of it. Plus the drugs they have her on right now is making her blood sugar go nuts so she’s on insulin for a little bit. At this point it doesn’t matter what she eats/drinks, it shoots her blood sugar either way too high, or it drops way too low. Once she’s off the meds she should be fine though.

So she said she might come next week instead of this weekend even though she really wants to be here for her brothers bday, but we understand. Regardless of how minor it seems to Sis, because she’s been through so many different medical ordeals, it’s still a major thing and we know it takes a toll on her.

It might be a smaller party, but that’s not a big deal. We’ll just save the big party for when Sis get’s here and have sort of a Happy Birthday Hubby, Glad You Healthy Again Sis type bash.

I was in the middle of writing when she called. Word count is up to 6870, but once I’m done here I’m going back for more, but Sis called and I was excited and wanted to share the news that she’s doing great and maybe found someone she can relate to about what she’s been through. Yeah, the last half hour made today a very great day.