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Miss America, Reality Check (Major Rant)

The newest reality show that’s setting out to modernize the Miss America Pageant. While I agree it’s about fifty years out of date no matter how you dress these girls, do their hair, and their make up they are still pageant girls and at least in my opinion in no way do they represent the modern American woman.

Why? Because these girls were all picked for the same stereotypical reason. Small waists, big breasts, killer legs, and a smooth talker. Tell the people what they want to hear instead of what you believe just to win a crown.

The modern American woman is not a size 2, though that would be what the media would like you to believe. There is a reason women have issues with their weight and their looks. Media forces the ideal of the modern American down our throats and we wonder why sixteen year old girls have eating disorders!

What about a Miss America who is a size twelve? Hey why not a size fourteen? Hell even a size nine would be great showing how women are supposed to have curves and not have to be so damn thin to be beautiful!

What about a Miss America who made mistakes in her past? Maybe had a baby as a teenager but despite all of it, finished school, went to college and made something of her life? What about one who’s actually had to struggle and overcome like so many women in our society.

Granted I’m sure these women have had some sort of tribulations in their life, everyone does, but no matter how you modernize Miss America they are still robots doing whatever it takes to win, instead of being who they are. They want to be a role model for people, but if you can’t be yourself how can you do that?

Maybe I’m being judgemental, but then again, so is the media.

So, here’s to the REAL Miss America’s who like to eat chocolate and pizza and other junk food. Here’s to the REAL Miss America who likes a shot of tequila every now and then. Here’s to the REAL Miss America’s who swear and curse when they’re angry. Here’s to the artists, the expressionists, the curves, the non Eric Estrada white teeth, the strong ones, the ones who need help, the mothers, the career women, the dreamers, the thinkers, the survivors, and believers. Here’s to the REAL Miss America’s who aren’t afraid to be unique and actually have a mind of their own. Though you may never be named or get the credit due the real Miss America’s are the women who don’t need to conform to what society thinks should be to feel beautiful or feel good about themselves.