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So The Last Two Days Have Been Interesting

Monday I get a call, letting me know that two of my friends Cindel and Kristy are coming into town.  Upon asking when, I find out tonight and of course they are staying at my house.  Not a problem except they were bringing my one year old god daughter along.  Um, I now need to baby proof my house.  I didn’t mind of course.  Any chance I get to see Hannah is great.

So anyways, my friend Matt comes over, as he is dating Kristy and we have to go meet them when they get off the highway.  I live in the boonies and it’s a bit hard to find your way in the dark.  

Matt has just bought this Bon Jovi five pack of CD’s.  Well one was a DVD.  So we throw them in the CD player and head out.  Befuddled are we when we realize we don’t know a damn song on any of them.  Turning on the dome light I pull out the box only to find out that the songs are all to mostly unreleased tracks.  HAHA!  Dumbass!  We really wanted to hear ‘Shot Through The Heart’ too.  So instead we go through the other CD’s and throw on some Nickelback.  The first album, which is great to rock out on, especially when you both know the words.

We meet up with the girls at the gas station.  They start following us back.  Some jerk who’s in front of us decides to slam on his breaks and then cut across two lanes of traffic to get into the turning lane.  No we were not at a light.  Matt and I both have road rage and were like ‘What the freaking hell!’

Okay, keep driving.  We’re going straight and there’s this turning lane to go into a car dealership.  At the last second we notice the girls pull off, so we had to make our own emergency right hand turn (but at least we were already in the right hand lane and just had to hit the turning lane) and pull in.  They pull up beside us.  We think somethings wrong.  The baby threw up again or something, but no, not my friends.

Cindel and Kristy have this thing when they drink.  They like to race.  They will down four glasses of whatever kind of alcoholic beverage in fifteen minutes.  Granted there were no alcoholic beverages in the car.  No, it was Red Bull, or as I like to call it, the devil’s drink. 

Anyways, they decided to race and Kristy couldn’t do that while driving.  We’re all laughing, but I make a point to tell them we’re not stopping again.

Keep driving.  We’re rocking out in the car, laughing joking, having a good time and then something catches my attention.  It’s a full (or close to) a full moon.  I look over at Matt, eyebrows raised.  

“Should I howl at the moon?”

He smiles.  “I’ll do it with you.”

So we roll down our windows while driving, stick our heads out into the open air and start howling like crazy people!  We’re usually not that reckless but we were feeling froggy.  We apparently had some Happy Pills slipped into our food at some point during the day.

After we were all safely back home, Matt and I decided to go back out and get everyone food.  We go come back, get wrecked from our favorite alcoholic beverages of choice (which ironically Matt and I love Jack and Pepsi, yes Pepsi and Cindel and Kristy love their wine)  and watch both Jeff Dunham stand ups.  I think we wound up going to bed at around 4:30am.  

Yeah, and that was just one night.  The girls left today around 3:30pm.  I love my friends.

But….unfortunately I had to give up my office for Cindel and the baby.  Which I absolutely don’t mind, but I also haven’t had time to get in here and write.   Besides that, I could have used my laptop, but we were constantly doing something.  Whether it be watching movies, going out, BS’ing, or playing with the baby.  Not that I’m complaining, it was a blast, but I should have found time to write, even if it was for ten minutes before I crashed.  Well maybe when I woke up since, I was a weeee bit drunk before I went to bed lol.

Alas, the house is quiet again and it’s time to get back to work.  So I’m going to stop procrastinating and get my butt back in the story.