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Happy Mother’s Day, Avatar, and a Few Other Tidbits!

I hope every Mother out there had a wonderful day!  We kids aren’t always easy, and we may not always show it, but a big fat thank you to all you moms for putting up with us and loving us no matter what!

The parentals came home for the weekend.  My dad is an avid Supernatural fan, just like me.  Well maybe not quite like me.  He loves the show, but doesn’t frequent any websites or squeal like a fan girl, which is probably a good thing.  Seeing as how I DVR every episode on two TV’s (for some reason it didn’t tape one week and since I can’t have that, I decided to have it a backup plan) we had a Supernatural marathon for the last three episodes he missed.  He can’t believe the season finale’ is next week.   In truth, neither can I.

Afterwards my mom sat down with us to watch Avatar (she kind of likes Supernatural, but it’s not her favorite so she was in and out of the room).  My dad grumbled at first, but then got completely drawn in.  My mom loved it!  She was hollering so loud my husband could hear her from the bedroom.  It was hilarious.  I was cracking up.  It was definitely a good family day.

Okay enough with the mushy gushy stuff.  I finished and I really like the concept, and will probably pick up the second one.  It’s a great story, but there were a lot of politics involved and I’m not so big on that personally. I don’t like politics in the real world, let alone when I’m reading.  Even so, the dynamics and characters made it so I didn’t mind as much as I usually do.  That’s saying a lot.  Kudos to Mr. Del Franco for writing a very well rounded story.

Next on my list is going to be  along with  , and whatever else I find while I’m at the library.  I’m hoping they have Changes by Jim Butcher, but it still may be too new.  I put it on hold, but someone may have gotten to it before me anyways.  Small town, small library, which means there aren’t  as many copies of new books as I’d like.  I’ll get to it eventually.

I entered the Kick Butt First Line Contest over at the website of author Jaime Rush.  If you want to give it a shot, check it out.  If nothing else it’s a lot of fun that can get the creative juices flowing!

Well there’s a little bit of daylight and a whole lot of night left.  I think I’m going to go work on my own story and hope the characters are cooperative.  Have a wonderful night, and if you can manage it a great Monday.