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Okay Characters of Mine…Why Have You Gone Silent?

The mood is set.  Flames are flickering bright in the fireplace, my playlist is blaring music I love, and no one else is around.  This, unfortunately, seems to include my characters.  It seems like every letter, word, and sentence has to be forced, kicking and screaming onto the page.  The word irritating comes to mind, but then I think that’s a really mild interpretation, dig deeper.  So, let’s try infuriating.  I like infuriating.  It fits better.

Dear Characters,

I know that we do not always get a long.  Sometimes I am stubborn, pigheaded, and don’t want to give you what you want.  However we can come to some sort of compromise, if you give it a chance.  Just remember if you block me, your story doesn’t get told.


The Writer

So, while I let the characters mull that over, I’d like to address some other things.

First off…

R.I.P. Corey Haim

I was a child of the eighties and had a huge crush on him.  The only one who beat him out was Jonathon Brandis on my hot meter.  Alas, he was another one who perished much to young.

Hollywood are you not seeing what you are doing to these children?  You take child actors, use and abuse them, and cast them off when puberty or whatever gets in the way.  Those who have made it had to go through hell just to be taken seriously as an adult actor.  Seriously Hollywood, I think it’s time for you guys to revamp your system.

Still, I’m not sure Corey died of an OD.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Does anyone know for sure?  No.  So stop judging people!

Corey Haim, I hope you find in the next life what you could not in this.  True happiness and love.

I finished Happy Hour of the Damned and I have to say I was impressed.  It was a completely original book, snarky, fun, and with a lot of mystery weaved into it.  I will pick up the next installment in the series on my monthly trip to the bookstore (I stock up with several books once a month).

The dogs have now decided that the couch is theirs.  They jumped up and now I’m squished in the middle.  They’re sleeping comfortably though.  On that note, I need to readjust my position and try to get a little more butt room.  Here’s to hoping that the characters have decided to work with me again so we can get this story moving!