Ahhh Crap! There’s a lot of Jack in my drink!

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this blog.  I thought about deleting it and starting fresh, but going back over the posts, I realized I liked them and didn’t think they should be sent to cyber heaven.  Instead I’m picking it up from today.  Though I can’t promise a post every day or even every other day I’m going for at least once a week.

Why?  Because I like to.

So anyways life is fairly good.  I’m still writing, and yes I still believe in Book Stealing Gnomes.  I’ve handed out BOLO’s (Be On The Look Out) for small pointy eared gnomes with hats made out of book pages and beady little eyes.  If you see them please be sure to notify your local authorities as we are trying to reduce the high rate of their crimes.  If you’re missing book, it was probably a BSG (Book Stealing Gnome NOT Battlestar Galactica, that would just be silly!)

Moving on.

I also now own a business with my family.  A trucking company in fact.  Steelewing Transport you can find us at http://www.steelewingtransport.com  Easy enough to remember?  Of course it is.  So check us out and if you know someone who needs some shipping done have them give us a call.

I’m writing something every day and you can see one of my short stories over at http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/59306-vengeance  If you are not a member of http://www.goodreads.com and you are a book lover I suggest signing up.  It’s a great site!   They’ve got author profiles, book swaps, giveaways, reviews, groups, the works.  If you do sign up remember to friend me!

Okay so in the spirit of continuation I say hello to all the new and welcome back to any old followers who may start reading again.  You’ll be hearing from me.  I promise!


The Chaos Is Over. We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming. (At Least Somewhat.)

I’m glad it’s Monday for the first time in my life and that it’s a brand new week.   While doing laundry my characters have been flitting around my head screaming at me to write as I haven’t done so since Wednesday.  Thursday was the big twenty five for me, and insanity has ensued since then with a pinch or two of good times to garnish the dish.  So I’m trying to hold onto the garnishing mostly.

It’s funny how people seem to think that just because I’m a girl I want jewelry.  I’ve gotten three new necklaces and a bracelet, and what’s truly funny, while I’m grateful for the gesture, is that I would think people by now would know I’d just prefer a gift card to the book store.  I don’t wear jewelry that much.   My wedding ring is an obvious, and I like earrings, but other than that, eh.  So now I have more jewelry for a jewelry box that is forever overflowing.  

But right now I have a girl in my head who’s voice is growing louder because I have yet to pay attention to her today.  So, Happy Belated Valentines day to all.  I’m off to write.

Drama, Romance, And Writing

Sorry I haven’t been around for about a week now.  There were some issues going on that I needed to take care of.  I still haven’t stopped writing though.  I always find time for that, even if I think my brain is going to explode because of what’s going on in the world around me.

Yesterday, however was a wonderful day.  It was the two year anniversary with the hubby.  He wouldn’t tell me what he’s been doing, because I like to be surprised.  That of course doesn’t stop me from being nosey.  I had to ask around, but no one would open their mouths for fear of a ruthless punishment from Hubby.  

So, I wake up at about 5:30 am.  Hubby is getting ready for work.  I tell him I love him and to be safe.  He kisses me and I go back to sleep.  Before dawn, I’m not really comprehending that it’s our anniversary so I don’t say anything about it.  Neither does he.

I fall back into the land of nod only to be woken again to someone gently shaking my leg.  I look up and the Hubby is standing over my bed, this big ‘cat ate the canary’ grin on his face.  

“Um, aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

He grabs my hand.  “Come on, get up.”

Dragging me out of bed before the sun is up, is usually license for me to chew you out and possibly maim you in some way.  The man is very lucky I love him.

He makes me close my eyes and I follow him.  He sits me down and tells me to open my eyes.  We’re in my office and there are orange/yellow roses on my desk (Hubby knows I hate red ones!), candles lit up all around, and a card waiting for me.

Yes, I lucked out with a romantical husband!  He had requested the day off long in advance so we could do whatever we wanted for the day.  No one was allowed to tell me, though apparently he almost gave it away a couple times.  At least so he says.  I don’t really remember him doing that though.

Okay, gushy romance over and done.  On to writing.

My project is on hold, only for the next couple of days, because I have found a local writing contest I would like to enter.  The deadline is February 22nd, which obviously isnt’ that far.  Take into account that I’m having a huge 25th birthday party the weekend before that I need to hustle my butt.  The only problem….My mind seems to have gone blank.  That’s right.  I can’t seem to think of a single story.  

I seem to be able to think of ideas for the story, but when it comes time to actually write it, my hands turn to jello that sinks into the keyboard, making the keys sticky and shorting out any words that would make it on screen.  So try writing long hand right?  Wrong.  That turned into a bunch of gibberish.

Gah!  I know I’m putting way too much stress on myself for this.  I need to sit back, take a deep breath and just write like I always do.  Screw the contest.  I need to act like it’s not even there.  Like I just imagined it and stop freaking out over it.   Just write.  That’s all anyone can do.  Just write.

So The Last Two Days Have Been Interesting

Monday I get a call, letting me know that two of my friends Cindel and Kristy are coming into town.  Upon asking when, I find out tonight and of course they are staying at my house.  Not a problem except they were bringing my one year old god daughter along.  Um, I now need to baby proof my house.  I didn’t mind of course.  Any chance I get to see Hannah is great.

So anyways, my friend Matt comes over, as he is dating Kristy and we have to go meet them when they get off the highway.  I live in the boonies and it’s a bit hard to find your way in the dark.  

Matt has just bought this Bon Jovi five pack of CD’s.  Well one was a DVD.  So we throw them in the CD player and head out.  Befuddled are we when we realize we don’t know a damn song on any of them.  Turning on the dome light I pull out the box only to find out that the songs are all to mostly unreleased tracks.  HAHA!  Dumbass!  We really wanted to hear ‘Shot Through The Heart’ too.  So instead we go through the other CD’s and throw on some Nickelback.  The first album, which is great to rock out on, especially when you both know the words.

We meet up with the girls at the gas station.  They start following us back.  Some jerk who’s in front of us decides to slam on his breaks and then cut across two lanes of traffic to get into the turning lane.  No we were not at a light.  Matt and I both have road rage and were like ‘What the freaking hell!’

Okay, keep driving.  We’re going straight and there’s this turning lane to go into a car dealership.  At the last second we notice the girls pull off, so we had to make our own emergency right hand turn (but at least we were already in the right hand lane and just had to hit the turning lane) and pull in.  They pull up beside us.  We think somethings wrong.  The baby threw up again or something, but no, not my friends.

Cindel and Kristy have this thing when they drink.  They like to race.  They will down four glasses of whatever kind of alcoholic beverage in fifteen minutes.  Granted there were no alcoholic beverages in the car.  No, it was Red Bull, or as I like to call it, the devil’s drink. 

Anyways, they decided to race and Kristy couldn’t do that while driving.  We’re all laughing, but I make a point to tell them we’re not stopping again.

Keep driving.  We’re rocking out in the car, laughing joking, having a good time and then something catches my attention.  It’s a full (or close to) a full moon.  I look over at Matt, eyebrows raised.  

“Should I howl at the moon?”

He smiles.  “I’ll do it with you.”

So we roll down our windows while driving, stick our heads out into the open air and start howling like crazy people!  We’re usually not that reckless but we were feeling froggy.  We apparently had some Happy Pills slipped into our food at some point during the day.

After we were all safely back home, Matt and I decided to go back out and get everyone food.  We go come back, get wrecked from our favorite alcoholic beverages of choice (which ironically Matt and I love Jack and Pepsi, yes Pepsi and Cindel and Kristy love their wine)  and watch both Jeff Dunham stand ups.  I think we wound up going to bed at around 4:30am.  

Yeah, and that was just one night.  The girls left today around 3:30pm.  I love my friends.

But….unfortunately I had to give up my office for Cindel and the baby.  Which I absolutely don’t mind, but I also haven’t had time to get in here and write.   Besides that, I could have used my laptop, but we were constantly doing something.  Whether it be watching movies, going out, BS’ing, or playing with the baby.  Not that I’m complaining, it was a blast, but I should have found time to write, even if it was for ten minutes before I crashed.  Well maybe when I woke up since, I was a weeee bit drunk before I went to bed lol.

Alas, the house is quiet again and it’s time to get back to work.  So I’m going to stop procrastinating and get my butt back in the story.

Me, Myself, Characters, And Emotion

 I’ve noticed that I have a problem making emotions believable in my characters.  I can put it on paper, but when I read it back it just doesn’t feel right.  The words are there, but they aren’t portraying what I want to come across.

I went to the library yesterday and picked up Creating Character Emotions by Ann Hood in hopes of improving this aspect of my writing.  The thing is, I’m not sure if the book is going to help.  Not because it isn’t a good book, at this point I don’t think any book would do any good in this aspect.

The more I’ve been thinking on the problem, the more I’m wondering if it’s not an internal problem.  Hell doesn’t even describe the last two years of my life.  It was one constant problem after another and I’m not talking about the “Oop’s” kind of problems.  I’m talking quite literally life or death situations that haven’t always worked out.

It takes a toll on you.  You have to be strong, you can’t show your pain, or if you do you should be showing it a different way.  At least this is the experience I’ve had.  Needless to say I learned to keep it all in and put on a front that everyone wanted to see, for the simple fact I was sick of being told how I should feel and what I should be doing.  

So maybe my characters aren’t expressing emotion the way I’d like them to because I have my own issues in that area.  I’ve never been great at expressing emotions, but in the last two years I’ve taken that to a whole new level. 

I’m really, really hoping it’s just the fact that I need practice and improvement in the writing area, but I’ve got this little nagging voice in the back of my head that’s telling me it’s not just that.  I guess my thinking is, if I can’t even understand my emotions and share them with someone else, how am I supposed to expect my characters to?

Quick Update

So, the hubby came home from work again sick today.  He hasn’t pulled a full day all week because he’s been sick.  If he winds up coming home tomorrow I’m taking him to the doctors.  I’m hoping I’m not getting whatever he has.  My belly’s been bothering me a little today and I’m not going to be thrilled if I get sick.  Then again who is ever thrilled about being sick?  

The maternal unit has a sinus infection and fluid in her years so she wasn’t feeling well either.  Seeing as how no one was up for anything trivial today, we bought three movies and just had a lazy night.  

Now that everyone is in their respective rooms, I’ve come to start working some more on my project.  I don’t know what the current word count is at the moment, but I’ll post it before I go to bed tonight.

It should be a good writing night as it’s raining out and much more is expected.  I’m hoping for some thunder and lightning because that would just set the mood perfectly.  Yes, I am a dark person.  I love the moon and I adore storms.

Weekend Recap

Note*  This is actually yesterdays blog that I wrote on LJ and forgot to cross post. 
What a weekend!  Saturday was the hubbies birthday (as you all should know by now due to my insistent posting).   Sis and Dad-in-law came up Saturday morning.  I still had some things I needed to do for the bday thing, so I let Sis and Dad take the hubby out to lunch.  That gave me time to run to Walmart, though I didn’t make it to Publix in time.  

I met up with them at the bar and our friend was bartending.  Hubby got free drinks to the fact that it was his birthday.  The bartender was setting him up with some crazy shots.  One was a Liquid Jelly Bean which smelled absolutely disgusting!  Sis and I were yelling at him to take it because you could smell it half way down the bar.

Sis and I then proceeded to go to Publix (which is directly next to the bar) and pick up an icecream cake.  We put sparklers and such on it and brought it out to him.  Bartender turned off the TV’s and put on Happy Birthday on the jukebox!  Hubby was very red in the cheeks.  We stayed there for a few hours (I only had one drink because I thought I was driving, but then Sis won’t up doing the honors) until our Bartender friend got off.  Then we all headed back to the house where we could get really smashed without the worry of anyone driving.

We blared rock music, played asshole (a drinking card game), and then went into spades.  Among the liquors consumed Saturday night were, Jack Daniels, Suaza Tequila, Mezcal (which is not tequila, but sure tastes a whole lot like tequila), Cherry Vodka, Jagermeister, Goldschlager, beer, and I think that’s it.  

I know, it’s shocking none of us had alcohol poisoning, but believe it or not, nobody puked!  

Music was played, karaoke ensued, and drunken pictures were taken.  All in all it was a fun night.  No body really had hangovers the next morning either, though we were exhausted because Hubby went to bed at about 3:30 and then Sis, Bartender, and I stayed up until 5:30.  We drank that long too, but the trick is when you’re done with the alcohol consumption to drink a glass of water and eat a little something.  Keeps the evil hangovers at bay.

Sunday was a relaxing day of mostly playing on the X-Box and watching movies.  So I didn’t get any writing done.

After this I’m getting off the computer because for some reason my left shoulder is killing me.  It’s the one I hurt several years ago in a car accident, so I’m going to go jump in the hot tub and try to relax it.  If that doesn’t work I’ll take a couple aspirins to dull the pain so I can catch up on my project tonight.

Happy Writing All!

A Snag In The Plans


I just got off the phone with the sis-in-law. She was released from the hospital today. We found out she had stage A-2 rejection. It goes up to A-4, so it wasn’t extremely bad. They gave her the treatments for it and bounced right back. While she was in the hospital she also met a girl who just had her transplant on Christmas Eve. Same thing as Sis. They both have Cystic Fibrosis, but she is doing great and has been through a lot of the same stuff as Sis, so they exchanged emails. I feel better knowing she has someone to talk to who’s actually been through it.

Sis also had surgery today. They had closed her sternum with wire after the transplant. Well it’s been so long that the wire was pushing through Sis’s skin. She couldn’t lay on her stomach, wear a bra, nadda. So they went in removed the wire and glued it back together. Granted they didn’t saw her whole sternum open for the surgery. They just clipped open the bottom part, so that’s why it wasn’t exactly a major surgery and she was able to get discharged this afternoon.

However, understandably so, Sis is exhausted. She’s been through a rough patch the last few days. They’re staying at the hotel tonight and she doesn’t know if she’s coming for this weekend of not because she’s so out of it. Plus the drugs they have her on right now is making her blood sugar go nuts so she’s on insulin for a little bit. At this point it doesn’t matter what she eats/drinks, it shoots her blood sugar either way too high, or it drops way too low. Once she’s off the meds she should be fine though.

So she said she might come next week instead of this weekend even though she really wants to be here for her brothers bday, but we understand. Regardless of how minor it seems to Sis, because she’s been through so many different medical ordeals, it’s still a major thing and we know it takes a toll on her.

It might be a smaller party, but that’s not a big deal. We’ll just save the big party for when Sis get’s here and have sort of a Happy Birthday Hubby, Glad You Healthy Again Sis type bash.

I was in the middle of writing when she called. Word count is up to 6870, but once I’m done here I’m going back for more, but Sis called and I was excited and wanted to share the news that she’s doing great and maybe found someone she can relate to about what she’s been through. Yeah, the last half hour made today a very great day.

Yes, I Still Believe In Book Stealing Gnomes

Word count for new project is up to 4,882. I’m still working on it today, but my brain needed a break for a bit, so I talked with the hubby, saw the parentals, and chatted on the phone with a friend for a bit. All in all it’s been a practically boring, but comfortable, and good news giving day.

As usually happens when I start writing I find more characters than I made character sheets for, but these guys or gals usually come equipped with their own mentality. At least I have my mains down. Not to say that secondary characters are any less, but for some reason I tend to get who they are a lot quicker than my protagonist.

I have also started reading ‘Staying Dead’ by Laura Anne Gilman. I bought the book a long time ago, right before I moved and never go to read it because the Book Stealing Gnomes grabbed it at some point during the night. Or it’s possible I lost it in the move. Either way it’s been gone for a while. So when the local library was selling a used copy I figured it came full circle and snagged it.

In other news the hubbies birthday plans are back on track. After paycheck enters the account on Thursday I have to go and get him a cake, which will hopefully be done by friday and then I can drop it off at a friends who will bring it to the bar for me on Saturday. Hubby has no idea we’re having a small party for him. Since the Sis-In Law is hopefully being released on Friday they should be here by that night, which only makes Saturday that much easier, as they were originally planning to come on Saturday before she got sick. So things are falling into place.

My prize from Rachel Caine’s end of the year contest. It’s an ‘I Dream Lord Leighton Painting’ set of note cards. The artwork on them is absolutely gorgeous! The lady can write and has great taste in art! Lucky! As I push down the green eyed monster (just kidding) I wanted to bloggingly thank her for my beautiful prize.

And on that note I have a project that awaits my return. Adieu my friends, Adieu!

Most Definitely Good News!

The sis in law is doing much better.  She is no longer intubated and she’s out of ICU.  Most of her I.V.’s are out and hopefully she’ll be out of the hospital by the end of the week.  They still don’t know if it was rejection, pneumonia, or just a really bad cold, but whatever it was she’s getting better and that’s all that counts.

So for everyone who sent happy joy joy feelings of healing energy her way, thanks!

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