Completely Lacking In Creativity/Thursday Thunks

My brain is crashing, fast and hard.  My creativity has burned up with the engines.  I’m in red alert mode trying to douse the flames and rescue my muse from the inferno that seems to have us divided.  In the mean time, in an effort to blog about something other than crap, I’ve decided to try a meme to get some of the creative juices flowing to extinguish the flames.

Without further ado, I give you…

Thursday Thunks!

1. Tomorrow you’ll be thinking to yourself?

“Ugh, I shouldn’t have drank so much last night.  Oh well, if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be strong.”

2. Where’s your picket fence?

In a log cabin style home in the middle of nowhere with my husband and pups.  Maybe with a lake somewhere near by that we can swim in during the summers.

3. With a big smile on your face, you do what?

Hit the bulls eye on my archery target from fifty feet away!

4. If I was to walk up to you, you’d do what?

Probably ask, “What’s shakin’ bacon?”

5. The list goes on and on. What list?

Of problems that keep arising with one of my jobs.

6. Does every rose have a thorn or does every thorn have a rose?

Um, sure, why not?  Two sides to every coin and what not.

7. Talk dirty to me. What kind of mop/vacuum/dust thingymabob do you use?

I don’t remember the brand, and the vacuum itself is great, but so fricken’ complicated that I usually forget out to turn it on.  DOH!

8. Your Mamma don’t _______ and your Daddy don’t _______.

Dance, Rock and roll!  Except that’s not true.  I think it would be, My momma don’t know when to quit an argument, and my daddy don’t tolerate bullshit.

9. Ever had a suitcase packed by your feet, and if so where were you going?

On a cruise!

10. Have you ever ridden in a limousine?

Yup, several times, for proms and homecomings.  Geez those seem like so long ago.

11. I went to bed too soon and got up to ____?

Flippin early!

12. “And this last mile I travel with you “, to where?

Anywhere, as long as we’re together.  (Geez that was cheesy)


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