Stabbing Your Eyeball With a Spoon and Other Ramblings

Character charts, while they are tedious little things that can make you want to pull your hair out and stab your eyeball with a spoon, actually seem to be really helpful in rounding out your characters.  Thinking that some of my characters were nothing more than skin and bones I decided to fatten them up by using an in depth character chart to find out more about them.  Now I am sad because one of my less meaty character’s has completely buffed up and having him whisper his history and honorable nature into my ear made me realize how much I’m going to miss him.  Not to mention his friends, who I wouldn’t blame for beating me for doing this to them.

I could always revamp the story so that he doesn’t die.  Maybe have him severely maimed, but his death is a turning point for the protagonist and I’m not sure she’ll have that moment if he’s just hurt.  I think before I do anymore with the story I need to finish the charts for the main characters as I have a feeling that once they let me in on their pasts it may vastly change the story into something even better.  I should have asked them more before I started.

So what?  I sound like a loony person.  Who doesn’t talk to their characters or get attached to them?

My working title is L-A-M-E.  It sounds corny even to me, but since I haven’t been able to come up with anything even slightly non lame it’s going to stick around until I get the rest of the rough draft pounded out.  Hell it’ll probably stick around until after the second, maybe even the final draft.  Hopefully during that time something will stick out in the story and I could turn it into a title that doesn’t sound like a two year old randomly blurted it out.

There are only two more episodes of Supernatural left for the season, which begs me to wonder, what am I going to do without my fix?  Granted there’s reading, which I do all the time, but it’s not the same as watching two sexy men (sometimes three if Castiel is in the episode) run around on screen killing evil things and trying to ward off the apocalypse.  Reruns it shall be for me.  Reruns I say! (Psst if you need a fix, be sure to check out the Fanwiki!  Check out the link on my sidebar!)

On the book front I finished:  It was the first book I read by him and it was hilarious!  Kudos Mr. Moore!  Great story line, witty dialogue all around, and truly unique characters!  Not to mention the hell hounds!  Now those are some big doggies!

I’m onto  I’m enjoying it so far.  This chick has so many different undercover alias’s that it’s amazing she can keep them all straight!  Well at least she has so far.  I don’t know what happens because I haven’t finished the book yet!

Okay, okay, it’s time to stop procrastinating and get back to the character charts.  If you see me going to lean on a pole and I miss, it’s probably because I have no depth perception because I stabbed my eye out with a spoon.  Hmmm I wonder how I’ll look with an eye patch.


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