Margaritas and Chicken Wings Friday! Who Can Complain?

I’m sitting here sipping on my first Margarita of the day. (Hey it’s five o’clock somewhere!) The weather has warmed up if ever so slightly and my toes are actually warm.  I’d prefer a tropical sandy beach with hot men as eye candy, but I’ll take what I can get.  Besides my hubby is better looking than any eye candy.

I’ve been mulling over some twists for the story, and actually came up with some phrases I wrote down immediately so that my short-term memory wouldn’t erase them.  Hailey, my protagonist, is of course being stubborn, but that’s all right.  I don’t like it when my characters do everything I say.  Sometimes when they argue the story goes in a better direction.  Listen to your characters, sometimes they know more than you!

I’m reading Mark Henry’s “Happy Hour Of The Damned”.  Gotta say I’m loving it so far.  At first the foot notes were irritating, but now I see it just as part of Amanda’s quirky attitude and it adds that much more to the story.  So while I haven’t finished it yet, I give Mark Henry an A for originality!  Bravo!  We’ll see about the book itself once I’m done.

On the WOW front I’m power leveling my Paladin, Delilaah, as we are in desperate need of descent taking.  We have one tank full of awesomeness, but considering the fact that all raids (with the exception of maybe one) needs two tanks, well I’m doing what I gotta do!  We started ICC this week and have surpassed the second boss with minimal idiocy.  I must say I’m proud.  Seeing as it’s Friday we don’t know yet if we’ll be attempting to continue.  It depends on who is on.  Of course there is this lovely thing called Raid Extensions.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

This Margarita is FANTASTIC!  Once a month everyone should have Margaritas and Chicken Wing Fridays!  Well of course this is provided you are of legal age to drink.  It’s lots of fun, a total stress reliever, and switching it up now and then isn’t a bad thing.  Remember that.


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