Yes, I Still Believe In Book Stealing Gnomes

Word count for new project is up to 4,882. I’m still working on it today, but my brain needed a break for a bit, so I talked with the hubby, saw the parentals, and chatted on the phone with a friend for a bit. All in all it’s been a practically boring, but comfortable, and good news giving day.

As usually happens when I start writing I find more characters than I made character sheets for, but these guys or gals usually come equipped with their own mentality. At least I have my mains down. Not to say that secondary characters are any less, but for some reason I tend to get who they are a lot quicker than my protagonist.

I have also started reading ‘Staying Dead’ by Laura Anne Gilman. I bought the book a long time ago, right before I moved and never go to read it because the Book Stealing Gnomes grabbed it at some point during the night. Or it’s possible I lost it in the move. Either way it’s been gone for a while. So when the local library was selling a used copy I figured it came full circle and snagged it.

In other news the hubbies birthday plans are back on track. After paycheck enters the account on Thursday I have to go and get him a cake, which will hopefully be done by friday and then I can drop it off at a friends who will bring it to the bar for me on Saturday. Hubby has no idea we’re having a small party for him. Since the Sis-In Law is hopefully being released on Friday they should be here by that night, which only makes Saturday that much easier, as they were originally planning to come on Saturday before she got sick. So things are falling into place.

My prize from Rachel Caine’s end of the year contest. It’s an ‘I Dream Lord Leighton Painting’ set of note cards. The artwork on them is absolutely gorgeous! The lady can write and has great taste in art! Lucky! As I push down the green eyed monster (just kidding) I wanted to bloggingly thank her for my beautiful prize.

And on that note I have a project that awaits my return. Adieu my friends, Adieu!


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  1. tezmilleroz Said:

    Ta for adding my links to your sidebar, and have a lovely day! 🙂

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